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On a rainy Sunday, we decided to go to Chatswood for a bite to eat, keeping fingers crossed that half of Sydney didn’t also have the same idea. Thankfully, we got there at the beginning of the lunch-time, so managed to find a spot to park.

We went back to Hero Teppanyaki, on the Lower Ground Floor in Chatwsood Chase, in the food court area.

Of course we had to have some of the green tea (with rice) while awaiting the arrival of the food. We were seated overlooking the chef preparing the noodle dishes. He was a real showman, but with good reason as he was skilled and quickly cooked a multitude of dishes, with flair, in the time we were there.

The person I was with ordered the chicken udon noodles, which on taste-testing was one of the tastiest I’ve had:

I ordered the chicken with a miso sauce (seen in the photo at the top of the post), with sprouts and shallots. Very good. I’ve had the tempura vegies with King prawns there before (and loved that), so thought I’d try something different this time. The miso sauce had a real savory flavour, complementing the grilled chicken and sprouts.

When the plates arrived we thought that there’s be no way to get through them, their sizes were so generous, but because they tasted so good, and light, somehow they disappeared!

Good food, and I’ll be back, bit by bit working my way through the menu. Prices are reasonable, about $14 for the noodle dishes, with the wagyu beef dishes being more like about $32. Still good for tasty, fresh, quick food.


Here are the current details for Hero Teppanyaki. Call them for current info.

Address Shop 40b, Chatswood Chase, 345 Victoria Ave, Chatswood, NSW 2057
Phone (02) 9412 4668
Menu Japanese, noodles (udon and soba), tempura, etc. Mains $13-20 (Wagyu costs more).
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So, what do you like to order when you eat Japanese food?

Istana, Thornleigh

March 21, 2011 — 7 Comments

We called and made a reservation for dinner at Istana on a Saturday night, and we were very glad when we arrived that we had done that, with people queuing at the door, and a full restaurant. Istana is ordinary decor-wise, with table-cloths and decor looking a bit dated.

We had planned to order the Hainanese chicken, a curry prawns dish and a curry eggplant, wanting a few spicy things. The fellow taking our order said that the Shangtung chicken, with chicken rice, would be better. All a bit funny the way that happened, but we were willing to give it a try.

Here are the prawns we started with, cut in half lengthwise, still in their shells:

They were tasty, tasting of chili and a fish-sauce mix. Maybe it’s just my background, but I didn’t so much enjoy the prawn shells still being on, extracting the prawns from the shells. Seemed a bit fiddly.

The eggplant tasted just how it looks in the photo, not like what we expected, which was for it to be in a curry sauce.

The dishes so far were so-so, in my view. It was the next dishes that I loved. The chicken rice was so full of flavour I would be happy to just eat that and nothing else. This is not a good photo, but I have included it because it does show the glistening of the rice:

The flavour was full of chicken, edged with lemongrass. Oh so good.

The photo at the top shows the Shantung chicken, deliciously tender, but with the skin crispy. Served with a sauce which was a little sweet, and vinegary, with some chili. Also very good.

In summary, then, some elements of the experience were ordinary, but I’d go back for the Shangtung chicken and the chicken rice. Maybe some of others would also be as good.


Here are the details about Istana at time of publishing this post. Call them for current details.

Web site Istana doesn’t have a web site yet.
Address Shop 15a, 230-238 Pennant Hills Rd, Thornleigh, NSW 2120
Phone (02) 9481 8855
Menu Malaysian Chinese, mains $20-35
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So, where is your favourite Malaysian restaurant?