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The Baron in Castle Hill is like a breath of fresh air in the area. Good to see a place with a bit of character!

The Place

The Baron - outside

The Baron is on the outside of Castle Towers, across from the park. It’s open for breakfast and lunch every day, closing most days at 4pm, except Thursday and Friday, when it stays open for dinner and into the evening.

The Baron - inside

The industrial /retro decor looks more like Surry Hills than Castle Hill.  A pleasant change.

The Baron

The Baron - noticeboard

The Baron - counter


Here’s the current lunch menu – it changes regularly.

The Baron - menu

Good food with fresh ingredients, with a variety of options sure to suit any appetite.

Following is one side of the drinks menu.  They are also licensed, so can offer some good beers, and other alcoholic drinks, or add shots of spirits to affogato or the iced tea.

The Baron - Drinks


The first time I tried out food at The Baron, I had the “new southern pulled pork roll”, which is slow braised bourbon and coke pork with a creamy red cabbage slaw:
The Baron - pulled pork

That was enough to fall in love with the place.  The sweet bourbon flavours with the pork were gorgeous, accented perfectly with the slaw.  I’d happily keep going back to keep on eating this!

On my second visit I had the Ploughmans Lunch: a selection of cured meats, cheese, fresh fruit ‘n nuts and chutney.

The Baron - Ploughmans

On the board was salami, jamon, goats cheese, apple, walnuts, a tomato-based chutney, and half a dozen light wafer crackers.  While each of the elements were quality, full of wonderful flavours, just having a few light wafers was not satisfying enough for lunch.  I would have preferred a few slices of sourdough with it, and then it would have been closer to perfection.

I had to go back and prove that my original view of the cafe was correct, and this time tried the Mexican Chicken Salad: coriander, chilli, chicken, with corn, radish, cucumber & buttermilk jalapeños dressing.
The Baron - mexican chicken

As I went back to look at the salad description, I realized that I didn’t notice any coriander in there, but didn’t miss it because all the rest was so good.  The chicken was tender. There was a lot of freshly cooked corn, so it still had the crisp outside to the kernels and sweet juicy insides.  The lettuce was primarily curly endive, with a few leaves of other lettuces in there.  The cucumber and radish added more texture to the salad.  The buttermilk dressing was creamy, with black pepper adding the occasional kick.

I’m not sure why it was called a Mexican salad. It did have corn, and a lime wedge.  Maybe if there was more chilli and coriander it would seem more Mexican.

It was a tasty dish, thoroughly devoured.  I was glad I returned.


One of the things I love at The Baron is the cold-brewed coffee, served with a huge ice-cube, so that it stays cold without watering down the coffee.
The Baron - cold brewed coffee

The hot black coffee is also good. I wish this photo showed the steam rising from the coffee, which was particularly hot.
The Baron - coffee

The Baron also offers an iced tea with citrus and mint. A refreshing drink.

The Baron - citrus and mint iced tea

On Reflection

Despite some little imperfections I’ll still keep on going back to The Baron, because it’s interesting food, in a funky environment, and easily accessible. The pricing is reasonable.

A new menu is going to be released next weekend, and I’m sure there will be more good things. And then there is breakfast and the dinner menus to try.

It’s good to see people doing something different, and providing tasty food with quality, fresh ingredients.


Here are the details about The Baron at time of posting. Please check their web site for more current details.

Web site / Facebook /
Address Shop 461, 4-16 Castle St, Castle Hill, NSW 2154
Phone 0401 498 877
Open Monday – Wednesday 7:30am – 4pm
Thursday & Friday 7:30am – 11pm
Saturday & Sunday 7:30am – 4pm
Menu Breakfast / Lunch: $5-16
Dinner: Around $11-30
See the menu for more details.
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Where is your favourite industrial-feel cafe?

Travelling from Sydney to Melbourne or vice versa, or between Canberra and Albury, make sure you stop off the Hume Highway at Jugiong, between Yass and Gundagai, for a bite to eat at the Long Track Pantry. Long Track Pantry provides good food while travelling! The food is so good that I’ve often thought it almost worth the trip for the food.

The Cafe

The cafe is an an old house with bull-nosed verandah. It’s covered with vines in the front, deciduous, so it looks quite different in summer to in winter.  First here are some autumn / winter shots.

Long Track Pantry Jugiong

Long Track Pantry Jugiong

Looking out at the autumn leaves from inside:

Long Track Pantry Jugiong

And now in summer. A cool place to linger, sheltered by the vines and verandah.

Long Track Pantry Jugiong

Long Track Pantry Jugiong

The decor is country-styled, providing a warm, home-like atmosphere.

Long Track Pantry Jugiong

The Food

Here’s the menu when I was last at the Long Track Pantry. The current menus are on their website.

Long Track Pantry Jugiong

A traditional breakfast, with lovely sausages (they were not burnt – that’s my bad photo), accompanied by a tomato chutney (made there), and a gorgeous dressing on the salad.

Long Track Pantry Jugiong

Home-made pie:

Long Track Pantry Jugiong

Ploughman’s Lunch:

Long Track Pantry Jugiong

Long Track Pantry makes their own relishes, preserves, chutneys, dressings, jams and marmalades. Their cakes also are made by Long Track, and can be purchased to take away (I’ve done that on a trip from Melbourne back to Sydney to take to an afternoon tea later that day!).

Then along with gorgeous food, Long Track also sells homewares, including things for the kitchen and gifts.

Do stop off at Long Track Pantry on your journey along the Hume Highway.


Here are the details about Long Track Pantry at time of posting. Please check their web site for more current details.

Web site / Facebook
Address Riverside Drive, Jugiong, NSW 2726
Phone 02 6945 4144
Open Cafe open 8am – 4pm daily, but closed Tuesdays (to make their jams and relishes).
Menu Breakfast $8-14
Lunch $16-20
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Where are your favourite stopping places for a meal?