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Church Point Waterfront Cafe

November 21, 2011 — 7 Comments

It seems that for one reason or another I’ve spent a bit of time around Pittwater lately. A week or so ago I dropped in to a place I’d been wanting to check out for a while, the Waterfront Cafe at Church Point for lunch. I liked it so much I came back again for breakfast this last weekend.

Church Point Store and Waterfront Cafe

Right at the tip of Church Point, in a courtyard leading to the wharf, there is the Church Point Store and Waterfront Cafe.

As you walk into the building there is a tiny post office to the left, then a small general store with all of the essentials, leading on to an area where you can order take out food. The pastries, the pies and cakes, all look yummy. Sometime I’ll try some of them. And then on around to the right you head out to a deck overlooking Pittwater.

The place is rustic, but the touches like the flowers on some of the tables adds to feeling of being at home. And then there’s the superb view looking out across Pittwater, with so much activity continually, with people coming and going on their boats, their kayaks.

Last week I ordered the mezze plate, which was one of their pizzas topped with cheese, gorgeous by itself, served with dips. There were five generous mounds of dips: a beetroot one, an olive tapenade, a guacamole, a roasted capsicum one, and a spicy eggplant one with dukkah-type flavour.

I didn’t know exactly what I was getting, so it was a pleasant surprise, and better than I could have imagined.

Lunch dishes on the menu include seafood dishes, pizza, pasta, gourmet hamburgers and other dishes which vary from time to time.

This weekend, returning for breakfast, I ordered the mushroom medley.

It was a beautiful mixture of mushrooms, spinach, and roasted tomato, on woodfired wholegrain toast, topped with a perfectly poached egg, and drizzled with truffle oil.

The person I was with ordered the eggs florentine, poached eggs on spinach and woodfired toast, with hollandaise sauce. That, too, was tasty.

It was a perfect morning. What a great way to start the day, with tasty food, overlooking such a gorgeous view.

The Waterfront Cafe has jazz playing on Friday nights, and on the first Sunday afternoon, and other special meals at different times.

Scotland Island

After eating, on both of these visits to the Waterfront Cafe, I then hopped on the ferry just next door, to Scotland Island. The ferry goes on a 40-minute or so ride around the Island and over to the western foreshore of the Pittwater.

The best place to sit on the ferry is right up front there! It takes you by some incredible houses dotted around the Island, nestled in the trees. And then the views across the water, are picturesque.

The ferry master is friendly, and checks with you when you get on the ferry to see at which wharf you’d like to get off the boat. You could stop off somewhere like at the Tennis Court Wharf, and have a picnic at Katherine Park, or a swim at the beach, and then stroll across the island.

The ferry leaves about once an hour during the day on the weekends, and more frequently during the week. See the Church Point Ferry Service site for more details.


Here are the details about Church Point General Store and Waterfront Cafe at time of posting. Please check their web site for more current details.

Web site
Address 1860 Pittwater Road, Church Point, NSW 2105
Phone (02) 9979 2793
Open breakfast, from 6:30am every day; lunch, from 12:00 noon every day; dinner, Fri/Sat/Sun last order by 8:30pm, rest of the week order by 6:00pm
Menu breakfast, average $10-$15; lunch, depends what you order, but probably in the $15-$20 range
Church Point Store and Waterfront Cafe on Urbanspoon

This is one of my new favourite peaceful places to spend some time, overlooking the water. It has views, good food, places to walk, and the ferry tops it all off. Where do you like to to eat, with a view?

Mark Best, from Marque, gave a Masterclass as part of the Gourmet Traveller Institute, on cooking seafood. Marque was recently selected by the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide as being the best restaurant for 2011.

The Masterclass was held at Harvey Norman in Alexandria.

On arrival we we were served our choice of wines, including sparkling wine, which kept on being topped up. I was glad I was not driving. 😉

First, Mark cooked a clam chowder. Not just any clam chowder. The clams were huge, and whole. The soup was light and full of flavour. I’d be happy just to have that. Nestling in the soup were tiny cucumber balls, which added a surprising texture to the soup. On top was sprinkled fried curry leaves.

The serves were generous. We found out later that canapes had been served at the beginning, which we missed, with going to Din Tai Fung and the traffic from there to Alexandria. I loved the dumplings there, so I don’t think we missed anything,

Then Mark cooked blue-eyed cod with a scampi anglaise.

On top were the finest of potato crisps (sliced paper thin, and cooked between two trays in the oven), and crispy button mushrooms.

The fish was cooked sous vide, and the anglaise prepared in a Thermomix, all technical procedures, and out of the range of the average home cook, but still interesting to see being done.

That, too, was very tasty.

As we were leaving the Masterclass we were give a Gourmet Traveller goodie bag, with the latest magazine, some chocolate truffles, and a small ice-cream tub for dessert.

The evening was interesting, almost more entertainment than a cooking class. I still enjoyed being there, watching the cooking, hearing Mark Best talk, and tasting the two dishes.

I thought we could get the recipes on the Gourmet Traveller site, but it’s hard enough to find any information about the Gourmet Traveller Institute, let alone the recipes. Certainly nothing on the Gourmet Traveller site, even after extensive searching. That’s a wasted opportunity. Still I guess they’re getting their promotion here!


Here are the details about Marque and the Gourmet Traveler Institute at Harvey Norman. There are more details in the latest issue of the magazine.

Web site Marque Restaurant
Harvey Norman Masterclasses

Have you been to another Masterclass like this? What did you think of it?