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The first post has to be at one of my favourite places, a place where I regularly go, to unwind, and to have a good bite to eat. This place is Galley Foods, in the Empire Marina, at Bobbin Head.

After a drive winding through the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, from Turramurra or Asquith, the view opens up to reveal parks edging a waterway coming off the Hawkesbury River. Bobbin Head is one place I’ve been going to for years, to go wander around the parks, to go for bush walks (one goes up to Mt Colah), and for kayaking. It’s peaceful.

Galley Foods is located overlooking the Empire Marina. There’s a constant stream of activity, with people working on boats, or preparing to head out on their boat. The view and the colours change with the weather.

For as long as I remember there has been a food place in the Empire Marina. It used to be more of a fast-food place (hamburgers, fried breakfasts, etc.). That was good, but I was delighted when I saw that it was upgraded, and more interesting food began to be served.

Galley Foods has a restaurant, and a kiosk for take-away foods.

Galley Foods – The Restaurant

The restaurant overlooks the marina.

Today I went back to Galley Foods for lunch, feeling like some tasty morsels, back in that favourite of locations. They have some very good cocktails on the wine list, but today I just had the Kir Royale (crème de cassis with champagne) for starters.

Today I decided to not have an appetiser, wanting to leave room for dessert! For mains I chose the roast duck leg and breast, with grilled plum, toasted almonds and baby endive salad with vincotto dressing and thyme jus. Duck is always something I enjoy, and this was no exception. The plum was not overly sweet, adding to the richness of the moist duck. The texture and almost bitterness of the endive complemented the duck, along with the slivered almonds, adding some variety to the dish. What full, rich, flavours!

My choice for dessert was the moscato jelly with a salad of strawberries, basil, honey meringues and vincotto dressing:Oh boy! Every mouthful was extraordinary. The little honey meringues added some crunch, the moscato jelly was luscious, the strawberries sweet, with the basil adding some zing.

At one table on one side of me today where a bunch of kids, and they were very happy with their calamari and fries, so there’s a variety of choices to suit most palates.

Galley Foods – The Kiosk

Galley Foods also provides food, snacks and coffee from a window, for take-away. There are a few umbrellas with tables.

Food from the Kiosk includes things like focaccias, salads, fish and fries.

A week or two back, we had the vegetarian focaccia (with hummus ,roast beetroot, shredded carrot, cucumber and baby spinach) and the salami focaccia (with rocket, tomato, artichokes, grilled eggplant, provolone cheese and aioli). Even sandwiches like this are tasty at Galley Foods. The coffee is Toby’s Estate coffee.

More around Bobbin Head

At the Empire Marina, boats can be hired for putt-putt-putting along the waterways, or for going out fishing.

There’s plenty of fish in the fresh waters of Bobbin Head. The water is tidal, so the water is clean.

More Details

Following are the current details for Galley Foods. Check their web site for more, and current details.

Web site
Location Empire Marina, Bobbin Head Rd, Bobbin Head, North Turramurra, NSW
Open Breakfast: Sat & Sun 8am-11am
Lunch: Thur to Sun 11.30am-4pm (Kitchen closes at 3pm)
Dinner: Fri, & Sat
Description Restaurant food, superb setting. There is also a bar menu for lighter, more snack food.
Price range Mains $25-35
Menu Restaurant menus
Open Open 7 days
Monday to Friday 8.30am-4pm
Saturday and Sunday 8am-4pm
Description Take away, with limited seating under umbrellas. Light food such as breakfast, focaccias, salads, fish and chips, Toby’s Estate coffee.
Menu Kiosk menu
Price range $5-10
Galley Foods Restaurant and Bar on Urbanspoon

Keep on going down Bobbin Head Rd until you get to Bobbin Head, and Galley Foods is in Empire Marina, off to the right.

Hopefully you can see why Galley Foods would be a favourite place to go, with food to suit the mood – whether light takeway or dining in the restaurant – in a peaceful setting, away from the rest of the world.

So, where do you go to unwind, and enjoy a tasty bite to eat?