March 8, 2011 — 2 Comments

Welcome to Eat. Travel. Bliss.!

Eat. Travel. Bliss. aims to write on adventures in seeking blissful food and places, in Sydney, and in Australia, and further afield, around the world.

Eat. Travel. Bliss. is written by Andrea, with photos she has taken. Andrea grew up in north-west Sydney, Australia, and has also lived in Hong Kong (3 years), Portland, Oregon, USA (8 years). She has traveled to many other countries, enjoying getting to know new people and cultures.

Andrea loves seeing the cultural diversity in Sydney, and so one of the aims of this blog is to show some of the best food around Sydney, generally looking for food which is affordable, and interesting, not always making it on to the top food lists, but worthy of attention. With such a variety of places around Sydney, those lists must be limited, but there are so many others worth a visit. That may be because of things like their great location, or atmosphere, or because they transport you to another part of the world with the food there, but always good. Of course some of the recognized restaurants will make it into the blog from time to time, too.

Because Andrea is located in Sydney, that will be the centre for exploration, but there will be articles on places within easy driving distance of Sydney, and then further afield.

Eat. Travel. Bliss. is not just about food, but also about finding places which are blissful, for their views, surroundings, character, history, style, or some other reason!

Hopefully others will contribute to the writing in Eat.Travel. Bliss. too, as time goes on.

Please keep on coming back and reading! We’d love to get to know you, so please add comments and feedback below.

So tell me, what are some of your favourite food or travel web sites and blogs?

2 responses to Welcome!


    Just wonderful!! So excited about this blog and following your eating, traveling and blissing!


    Thanks! Another reason for more foodie exploration 🙂

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