Dose Espresso, Willoughby

April 19, 2013 — 10 Comments

This is the reason for visiting Dose Espresso in Willoughby, for the coffee.

The people at Dose roast their own coffee, and it’s obvious they care about it.

Oh, and you can also buy light meals / snack, too.

The Place

It’s been good to see more eating places open up in the Willoughby area over the last year or so.  Dose is just a small coffee shop at the back of a small strip of shops. It seems to always be full, so many times I’ve resorted to getting coffee to take away, just so I could have a strong coffee.


Does - inside

The array of coffee paraphernalia along the end wall is facinating, and tempting!

Dose - inside


The cafe overlooks a tiny car park, which on this occasion held the Dose van!



The Menu

The photo quality of this menu is not so good, but hopefully it’s good enough for you to get an idea of what’s on the menu.  As they don’t have a kitchen, all of the food is prepared off premises, ready made, so just needs to be heated or toasted.


Here’s the vegie sandwich, with roasted capsicum, grilled eggplant, grilled zucchini, tasty cheese and pesto on toasted quinoa and soya sourdough:


And the poached chicken breast sandwich, with garlic mayo, celery, walnut, tasty cheese and rocket on toasted quinoa and soya sourdough:


What they call the “bacon and egg roll” is not really a roll, but a bread like focaccia, toasted, with two free range eggs, eye bacon, tomato relish and hollandaise sauce.  The tomato relish helps lift it above being an ordinary egg and bacon combo.

Dose - bacon and egg

They always have a selection of cakes and breads, such as banana bread.  One time I had a scroll with banana and maple syrup which was wonderfully decadent!

And then there’s the coffee.  When I know a place has good coffee I order it black so I can fully taste it.  Dose varies the beans they offer in the cafe, which is a good way of trying them, before ordering the beans to take home.

Dose - coffee

Dose does a very good cold-drip brewed coffee, served in a glass more like a brandy-glass in shape, with a big chunk of ice.  Whenever I’ve had it there, I’m always amazed at how fine, like a fine wine, it is, yet with full flavour.

I’ve been to Dose Espresso countless times, and will continue to return for the coffee, often having something to nibble with it.  I just wish their premises were bigger so I could be sure of always finding a spot to linger.  If there isn’t room, I’ll take the coffee to the park just a few blocks away, enjoying people-watching there.


Here are the details about Dose Espresso at time of posting. Please check their web site for more current details.

Address Shop 6, 191 High St, Willoughby, NSW
Phone (02) 9967 2552
Open 7am-3:30pm daily
Menu Breakfast: $5-10
Lunch: $10-12
Dose Espresso on Urbanspoon

Where is your favourite place with good coffee?

10 responses to Dose Espresso, Willoughby


    I learned of this place only just recently, but thanks to it’s location, I need to catch two trains to get there. One day I will! The coffee looks sensational!


    I’ve heard really good things about DOSE – mostly from somebody who owns a very fine cafe himself. I really like the look of the sambos & loved cold-drip coffee on the two occasions I’ve tried it.


    The poached chicken sandwich looks great! And it’s fascinating to see how Willoughby has really taken off recently.


      As I spend most of my time on the North Shore / Northern Beaches, I’m very glad to see some better places spring up in those areas.


    That bacon and egg sandwich looks amazing.


      It was flavourful – particularly with that home-made relish. I know it’s a simple condiment, but a fresh, good one can lift a dish to another level.


      The coffee is one of the best on the North Shore. I’m usually disappointed elsewhere, but here, whether it’s the long black or cold drip or macchiato, I’m satisfied. They care about the coffee.

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