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Patonga Beach Hotel

March 31, 2013 — Leave a comment

Patonga has been an escape place for a long time now. I probably best got to know it from the time that my brother built a weekender there, spending many good times there. Invariably one meal at least will be at the Patonga Beach Hotel and one at the fish and chip shop at the front of it.


Patonga is a sleepy fishing village at the southernmost part of the Central Coast, overlooking Broken Bay towards Palm Beach looking south-east, and the Hawkesbury River looking south. The village is on a stretch of sand with the sea on one side and Patonga Creek on the other.

Looking across Broken Bay to the cottages at Darks Corner:

Patonga - beach on sunrise

That was taken at sunrise one morning. See all of the fishing boats in the bay. The next photo was taken about the same time, looking across to the Hawkesbury.

Patonga - bay - looking towards Hawkesbury

Patonga - boat, beach and jetty

Fishing boats in Patonga Creek:

Patonga - fishing boats in the creek

Looking along the beach later in the day:

Patonga - beach & boat

And this one’s looking back to the pub on sunset:

Patonga - looking back to the pub

The Fish & Chip Shop

At the front of the Patonga Beach Hotel you can buy fish and chips, lovely thick-cut chips they prepare themselves, and wander over to the beach to eat them. Perfect.

Patonga - fish & chips

The Pub

The Place

The pub was rebuilt something like 6-7 years ago. The new pub has become a busy magnet for visits to Patonga, with people arriving via boat and car.

Patonga - hotel courtyard 2

These photos don’t show the views across to the beach and sea. It’s a picturesque setting to linger.

Patonga - Hotel courtyard 1

The Food

The popularity of the pub has meant that on weekends it’s usually necessary to reserve a table for lunch, and dinner, ahead of time.

The pub serves the usual pub standard fare, but along with that, superb seafood platters with lobsters and fish from local trawlers, and oysters from the oyster farms in Patonga Creek. In the 2012 SMH Good Pub Food Guide, Patonga Beach Hotel was awarded three schooners, top rating, considering it “best in class”. It was awarded “Best Country Pub“.

These photos were taken over time, and don’t really show off the best of the food. On the menu is usually a variety of dishes, from standard pub fare through to salads and excellent steaks and seafood.

Here’s one of their home-made pies:

Patonga - pie

The Mezze Plate:

Patonga - mezze plate 2

Fish and chips (as if you couldn’t have guessed!):

Patonga - fish & chips

Visit Patonga, go for a walk along the beach, or around the village, or around the rocks at Darks Corner, or along the Creek. There’s swimming and fishing in the sea or in the Creek. The Creek is particularly good for children. It’s tidal, so gets quite low in low tide. Kayaking up Patonga Creek has been enjoyable on many occasions (just make sure you know which way the tide is drawing the water, and which way the wind is blowing!). And then have a meal at the pub. A wonderful way to spend a day or a weekend or longer.


Here are the details about Patonga Beach Hotel at time of posting. Please check their web site for more current details.

Web site
Address 6-8 Patonga Bay Drive, Patonga, NSW 2256
Phone 02 4379 1111
Open Restaurant Hours
Lunch 12.00 – 2.30
Dinner 6.00 – 8.00
Lunch 11.30 – 2.30
Dinner 6.00 – 8.00
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